• Winter Retreat 2015
  • Booking
  • Goal Setting
  • Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Selling
  • Seasonal Selling
  • Skin Care Class
  • Product Knowledge
  • Business Management
  • Inspiration
  • Moving Up
  • Image & Etiquette
  • Mary Kay University
  • Tracking Sheets



Booking Ideas
Great Ideas and Creative Ways to

Get Appointments on Your Books

Super Booking Ideas

Referral Ideas

Custom Compact Booking

Warm Chatter Training

Booking Scripts



2015 Makeover Portfolio

Model Portfolio


Booking Tips
Ideas and Things to Keep in Mind

When Booking Appointments

Booking Preparation

Avoiding Postponements

Anatomy of A Script



Coaching Tips
Ideas and things to keep in

mind when coaching a class

Working Full Circle

Coaching Tracking Sheet

Hostess Information
This is information you can use once you have

booked a hostess to help make the class a success

Hostess Coaching

Hostess Coaching Tracking



Information about Mary Kay
This information is great to give prospective team members

so they can learn more about the company and opportunity

At A Glance | 2

Avenues of Income

Answers to Husbands Questions

Benefits of a Mary Kay Business

Start Kit Flyer 2014


Sharing the Opportunity
Ideas and information for sharing the opportunity at Skin

Care Classes and other appointments

What Women Want Survey


Summary of the DISC System

Work the DISC

Recruiter Checklist

Recruiting Interview
Use this information to book and conduct

an interview about the opportunity

Recruiting Packet Contents


Track to DIQ

Tracking the Suit

Debut as Director at Seminar



Selling Tips
Ideas and information you can use to become
an expert at selling the product

Overcoming Selling Objections

Sales Ideas
Great Ideas to Help Increase Your Sales

One Day Sale | Word



Skin Care Class Tips
Use these to hold full circle classes and have

the best possible sales at each class

80 for 40 Hostess 2013

Cheat Sheet for Skin Care Party

Cindy's Skin Care Class

Flawless Face Party Tips


Opening & Conducting the Class
This information will help you open your

class and have a fun successful class

Closing Your Skin Care Class
Everything you need to successfully

close out the class and ask for the sale

Foundation Party Placemat

Close Sheet with TimeWise Repair PDF | WORD

Feel Beautiful Everyday Close Sheet

Clear Proof Close Sheet

Get Set for Color Close Sheet



Class Ideas
Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Classes & Parties



Time Management
This information will help you manage your time, get organized,

and see what areas of your business can improve

10 Tips for Healthy Money Management

Debut Checklist

Daily Plan Worksheet


File Don't Pile



This information will inspire you in your Mary Kay Career

Passing on the Pink

The NSD Skin Care Class


ABC News Clip on Mary Kay

The Sales Movie

The Attitude Movie

Mary Kay Commercial